Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gearing up for Fall

Though most of the summer has been relatively cool and rainy, the last week or so it has been hot here in the suburbs of Philly. Outside now there are thunderstorms rumbling, and I imagine the heavens will throw the spiggot any minute. That's kind of how I feel about my life right now. Pretty soon the tap is going to turn on, and I will be going non-stop for about three months. Certainly, it is the problem to have. Here's a sampling:
  • I guess the biggest thing I have coming is Barber of Seville with Opera Delaware. I am really thrilled about this, as it is my first crack at Figaro. Over the past several years I have been doing bigger and bigger repertoire (like Rigoletto & Macbeth), and it is really good to have this (Barber) to make sure I am being kept honest and that I haven't lost flexibility or lyricism in my voice. On top of that, it is just a joy to sing. . . once I've figured out how to sing it. ;-)
  • Coming sooner is a performance with the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. I'll be singing Tonio in a concert version of Pagliacci. Way "back in the day" I did this with Opera San Jose, and I am really happy to get another chance to sing it. The character is a joy to play, even though he is a wretched man. (If you are a baritone, you have to learn to like being bad). Also, the Prologue that I get to sing is one of my very favorite arias of all time. I feel each voice part has pieces of music that are reasons to want to be that voice part--"Il prologo" I feel is one of those for the baritone.
  • Along with the opera performances, I will also be performing every Sunday morning at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, DE as a member of the church choir (in the first service) and the Westminster Vocal Ensemble (for the second). In addition to our weekly duties, we'll be performing two baroque settings of the Magnificat (Vivaldi & Pergolesi) for our annual Christmas concert.
  • And speaking of Christmas, just today the Christmas carolling season began with "Christmas in August." The Kimmel Center (one of the primary concert venues in Philadelphia) was kicking off a promotion for the holidays and they asked the carolling group that Courtney and I worked with last year to perform. Now I'm used to working on Christmas music early. . . but this was truly odd. On the other hand, a gig is a gig.
  • So there is all this performing happening, but I also have some new locations that I will be teaching. In addition to Temple Music Prep (where I have been teaching this past year), I will begin teaching at Penn University (not on the faculty, but voice lessons for credit) and at the Sanford School in Hockessin, DE.

Phew! I better get some shut-eye. I gotta lot of work to do.

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